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School safety means a program of prevention that protects students and staff from substance abuse, violence, bullying, theft, the sale or use of illegal substances, exposure to weapons and threats on school grounds, and injury from severe weather, fire, and natural disasters.


School security encompasses all measures taken to combat threats to people and property in educational environments. We Train school administrators, teachers, and support staff on school violence prevention, school security, school threat assessment, and school emergency planning best practices


School Health is the comprehensive efforts of developing, implementing, and evaluating services, both within the school and the community, that provides each and every student with the resources needed to thrive within a healthful environment.


Student support services foster positive relationships among educators and students, thereby increasing students' attachment to school, and serve as an essential link between students and, their families and school resources and community-based health, financial and social services.

About Us

who we are ?

School Safety Center is a non-profit NGO, established in Amman in 2019, as the first and only organization that supports and provides school safety training for both public and private schools

SSC provide training and consultation for educational establishments , provide support for students and educational sectors employees  for emergency medical cases and humanitarian aids , on the other hand SSC provide female teachers and school staff with legal aid and financial aid .
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What is a school safety program?

“School Safety” is defined as “creating a safe environment for children, starting from their homes to their schools and back”.

This includes safety from any kind of abuse, violence, psycho-social issue, disaster (natural and manmade), fire, or transportation. 

Emotional safety is especially important because it is often difficult for teachers and parents to detect emotional problems and difficulties in children. 

Bullying causes victimized students to suffer from lower self-esteem and daily stress about their well-being 

To know more see our TRAINING

Why is school safety important?

Every parent dreads the phone call from the school. Usually, it’s the usual missing homework, fighting, or behavior problems in school. However, as school safety becomes more important to parents, the fear among them grows as well. Schools are responsible for creating a safe and relaxed environment conducive to effective learning.

When it comes to classroom safety, violence and other physical threats jump to the forefront of many people’s minds. However, the threats to students, staff, and visitors are not just violence. General health and safety apply as much to schools as any other environment. Schools are a working environment for teachers and support staff after all. Schools garner special attention because of the number of children they are tasked with keeping safe each day from a wide range of risks.

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Why our school safety program?

Our approach to health and safety is based on the belief that everyone has the right to be safe at work and return home safely every day. They also have a duty to take care of themselves and those around them.

To deliver on this philosophy, we put equal focus on our safety systems and our safety culture.

We are the first school safety organization in Jordan, and our program meets the requirements of the national and international standards.

Our Great Vision & Mission

Our Vision

To provide unmatched levels of resources to ensure continuous growth for school safety leaders, administrators, and managers. To ensure a safe secure and healthy environment for students to learn

Our Mission

To spread the culture of safety awareness, standardize school safety procedures and measures, and also provide professional safety proactive solutions and consultancies. And provide professional tailor-made safety and professional development training.

What we believe

We believe that schools should create and maintain safe schools or return their institutions to safe, secure, and effective places of learning.

Our values

Collaboration Creativity Transparency Integrity Quality

training courses

Our training courses

our programs cover each main sector of school safety


1st Aid Training

This one day course will give teachers and staff a good knowledge of first aid to cover common risks for school students.

It is ideal for supplementing your statutory First Aid at Work or Emergency First Aid at Work training.

Fire Safety for Schools

This training course will provide the necessary knowledge to help teachers and staff  maintain fire safety measures and follow evacuation procedures. It will explain how they can minimize common fire safety risks in a school and support students and vulnerable people during a fire.



The Evacuation course is designed to help schools educate their teachers and employees about evacuation conditions, such as fires, natural disasters, and civil disturbances. and on how to evacuate the building and the importance of having clear and well-lit signages.  so they can be more proactive in ensuring the safety of their students.

Emergency & Crisis Management

Crisis Management is that part of a school division’s approach to school safety which focuses more narrowly on a time-limited, problem-focused intervention to identify, confront and resolve the crisis, restore equilibrium, and support appropriate adaptive responses.


School bus safety

School buses are the safest way for students to travel. Nearly two-thirds of school bus-related fatalities of school-age children occur outside of the school bus. Children need to do their part to stay safe both in and around school buses.

school food safety

Food safety is the responsibility of every person in school nutrition programs.

Every action has the potential to impact the safety of the food, whether during purchasing, storing, preparing, holding, serving, or cleaning

Rear view shot of an elementary school boy leaning with his head on the chalkboard in class


Psychological safety can be defined as having the belief that you will not be humiliated or teased for the ideas you offer, for asking questions, and for admitting to one’s mistakes. 

Bullying Prevention Training

Bullying prevention training materials, publications and resources, including community-based organizations, for educators, parents, and community members for recognizing bullying behavior and approaches for determining how to respond. equilibrium, and support appropriate adaptive responses.

our programs

Our support programs

school safety center provides many programs, permanent and temporary programs. to find out more please contact us.

International Teachers Exchange Program

The Teacher Exchange Program, offers foreign nationals opportunities to teach in primary and secondary accredited educational institutions in Jordan for up to three years. The Teacher Exchange Program, like all exchanges, is intended to provide participants with broad exposure to Jordanian culture and society, and to foster greater appreciation among Jordanians of the participants’ home countries. Specifically, teacher exchanges prepare educators to shape young people into positive agents of change. Participating teachers bring interactive teaching practices to their students and colleagues, building the critical thinking skills, inquiry, and analytical approach that foster good citizenship .learn more 

Student Assistance Fund

The Student Assistance Fund provides financial support to full or part-time students who are experiencing financial difficulties while attending college. Students can apply for the Student Assistance Fund to help with either temporary or ongoing financial difficulties. The Student Assistance Fund is designed to provide a source of financial support in addition to SSC Regulations and Terms.