Teach in Jordan!

Teachers International EX-change program

ِِAdvance your career through an internship or training opportunity around the world.

The SSC-X Exchange Visitor Program provides countless ways for individuals around the world to gain hands-on professional experience in their chosen academic or occupational field while deepening their understanding of other cultures.

Aiming primarily to promote grassroots internationalization at the local level, the SSC-X Programme invites young college graduates from around the world to participate in internationalization initiatives and be involved in foreign language education at Jordan’s local Schools, boards of education, elementary schools, junior high schools, and senior high schools.

What do We offer?

As an Exchange Visitor Program sponsor, Cultural Vistas is responsible for administering exchange programs in compliance with the hoist regulations and requirements.

Once individuals secure an internship or training opportunity or host schools identify individuals they wish to bring to their countries, our staff provides assistance and services to both parties.

Compensation includes monthly salary, airfare, visa, furnished housing, local health insurance, Arabic lessons, gym membership, and regular travel to historical sites as a team.

  • Flexibility to sponsor programs from most countries in most fields at any time of the year.
  • Arrival and acculturation assistance, including comprehensive orientation materials.
  • Issuance of the “Certificate of Eligibility for  to successful applicants
  • Options for expedited service guaranteeing completed applications are evaluated in five business days
  • Training plan and application assistance
  • Host organization and applicant vetting
  • Comprehensive health and medical insurance
  • 24-hour emergency support for participants and host organizations
  • Program monitoring through a dedicated client relations team and regular evaluation
  • Cultural and educational activities and networking events in select cities.

to learn more about our program please contact us.

Are you the parent or partner of someone applying for student finance?

What’s available?

While at university or college, your child or partner will have two main costs – tuition fees and living costs. They can apply for student finance to help with both. All eligible students can get a:Tuition Fee to cover the full cost of the fees charged by their university, college, or school.

  • The basic rate of  Maintenance support to help with living costs, such as rent and bills, for students such as books, uniforms, and transportation.

The basic rate of support doesn’t depend on your household income, but they can apply for more that does. Any support they want has to buy it first. the support fee is one-third of the total support value. There are also grants available for students who have a disability, including a long-term health condition, mental health condition, or specific learning difficulty, or students who have children or an adult dependant who depends on them financially. These don’t usually have to pay for it.

How does your income affect student finance?

  • You might need to give Finance information about your income if your child or partner has applied for student finance that’s based on your income.


  • You usually need to send “Student Evidence Notes”.

What happens next?

  • Once your part is complete, it can take six weeks to process applications.
  • Your child or partner will be able to track the progress of their application by logging into their Tabjeel App and using the new status tracker.

After-School Job Assistant Programs

We provide the requisite knowledge, support, and encouragement on a personalized basis so that everyone can achieve their own professional goals rapidly and efficiently.

Crane Container Operator

School Safety Supervisor

She Professional Photographer